katharina gehrmann. | master thesis. deutsch | english
bachelor thesis.
master thesis.
"Spacial Acoustics for mobile Mixed Reality-Applications"

In the context of this thesis, the MORGAN Framework developed at Fraunhofer FIT was extended by the possibility to render three-dimensional sound through using the OpenSource library OpenAL. The internal scene graph of the framework was thereby supplemented with additional nodes that permit to map an external scene graph − like for example X3D − on these nodes. However, the internal nodes can be used directly, too. For the adequate rendering of 3D-Sound by means of HRTFs (Head-related transfer functions) an appropriate sound card was used. Two user tests with different Augmented Reality scenarios finally served for the examination of the implementation. The results derived from these tests were in the following already implemented partially in an additional effects extension that contains reverberation, echos, filters, distortions etc.